Friday, September 19, 2014

Roy and I went to the Dr. Yesterday. Sence I broke my arm I have been off chemotherapy.well here it is 8weeks later.time to start up chemotherapy again..but instead of going back on chemotherapy the cancer has spread any is out of control. Long story short. If I don't do chemotherapy I have 1 month to live, with chemotherapy I have 1to 2 months. So we opted to not do any chemotherapy..I had no idea that I had such a short amount of time lift. However a few nights ago I was awaken with the filling that I was coming to the end of my life..I am ok with this, I just fill so bad for my family. I know I have said that we believe in God and that families can be together for all eternity. This time that we have here on this earth is just a class room, time for US to learn more about him and a time to learn how to be more loving, kind and excepting. I am not afraid of being dead but I am worried about going through the dieing process. Oh well. We want will take it day by day, min by min and. We have total trust in the Lord and that is what we will go by

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